CoinPoker Review (Updated: 2023)

CoinPoker Traffic & Player Numbers

The average cash game peak traffic at Coin Poker is currently 197 players. This is the number of real money cash game players online during peak hours. Below is the chart of Coin Poker’s peak cash game traffic over the past years.

The chart above shows the average number (over 60 days) of real money cash game players online during peak hours for the operator. This number does not include tournament players or players at other game variants.

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CoinPoker Welcome Bonus

Detailed Rake Statistics for CoinPoker

Coinpoker is across the board one of the cheapest operators when playing cash games.

CoinPokerCash Game Rake


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The table above shows the amount of rake an average player pays per 100 hands for various limits and variants. You can switch the number of players per table and the game variant.

  • Rake / 100 hands: Average amount you can expect to pay in rake every 100 hands.
  • Net Rake: This is how much money you actually spend on rake compared to the pots you are playing.
  • Formal Rake: Rake percentage and cap
  • Rank: This column shows how the operator compares to all other operators (lower is better).