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Best Online Poker Sites

We have tested and rated the best online poker sites and poker providers. All big poker providers have been tested in 12 categories and rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

Online Poker Bonus Comparison

Objective ranking of all big poker sites by their deposit bonus.

Official Poker Hand Rankings

Official poker hands ranking overview with an explanation of which hand wins in Texas Hold’em. Including PDF overview for printing.

Texas Hold’em Poker Probabilities & Odds

Overview of the most common poker probabilities and odds, including preflop odds, outs and formulas to calculate winning chances.

Poker Guides

What is ICM?

ICM or “Independent Chip Model” is a method used to calculate the monetary value of chips in a poker tournament. This article explains how the ICM works.

Sklansky Chubukov rankings

When can I go all-in with a specific hand and how tight should I be in the push fold phase of a tournament? The Sklansky Chubukov tables provide a rudimentary answer to these questions.

Equilibrium pushbot charts

When can you profitably go all-in with a hand? Which hands can you call an all-in with? Equilibrium pushbot charts help you develop good all-in ranges.

Chinese Poker Strategy 

Chinese Poker rules, strategy and tips & tricks. This article explains how to play Chinese Poker, how to set hands and when to surrender.

Poker Tools

Poker Variance Calculator

The cashgame variance calculator and simulator for poker is handy and easy to use. Just enter your winrate, standard deviation and the amount of hands to simulate. You’ll most certainly get insightful results.

Tournament Variance Calculator

The Poker Tournament Variance Simulator calculates variance for poker tournaments, MTTs and SNGs. Enter your tournament(s), hit calculate and let the simulator do its magic.

Rake Comparison & Calculator

The Online Poker Rake Comparison and Rake Calculator shows how much rake players effectively pay when playing online poker cash games and which poker sites are the least and most expensive.

Pushbot Trainer

The pushbot trainer helps you to understand ranges in push-or-fold poker situations and visualizes the Sklansky Chubukov and Nash Equilibrium rankings.

Advanced ICM Deal Calculator

The advanced ICM Deal Calculator can be used to determine ICM and chip chop distributions for deals in tournaments and simplifies poker tournament deal negotiations.

Other Tools & Stuff

Hearthstone Legend Simulator

How long does it take to achieve the legendary rank in Hearthstone? This handy simulator will answer to this question and show how long it will take to reach legendary depending on your win rate and your current rank.

Play Chinese Poker

Play Chinese Poker online against three AI players, analyse your play and find better strategies. This Chinese Poker App works in the browser and requires no download or registration.

Best Online Poker Sites

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