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Primedope.com is your one-stop destination for all things poker and beyond! Our website offers a comprehensive suite of poker tools, guides, and resources to help you improve your game and make informed decisions at the tables.

We provide an easy-to-use poker variance calculator, tournament variance simulators, rake comparison and calculators, push bot trainers, and advanced ICM deal calculators to give you an edge in your poker journey. Our platform also offers a wealth of information on poker statistics, Texas Hold’em poker probabilities and odds, and the official rules of Texas Hold’em.

PrimeDope.com features in-depth guides on ICM, Sklansky Chubukov rankings, equilibrium push bot charts, and Chinese Poker strategy, as well as helpful resources on playing private online poker games with friends. We also rank the best online poker sites, provide information on US-regulated poker sites, and offer comparisons of poker bonuses and no-deposit offers.

In addition to poker, we cover American Roulette odds and probabilities and provide a platform to play Chinese Poker online against AI players. Our goal is to make PrimeDope.com your ultimate source for improving your poker skills and having a great time while doing it.