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If you’re playing on GGPoker, PokerStars, iPoker, 888Poker, ChicoPoker or PokerBros the online poker data service can help you out, offering statistics on your own game and your opponents.

Statname keeps track of multiple vital player statistics like

  • VPIP
  • PFR
  • 3-bet percentage
  • Aggression Frequency
  • Postflop tendencies (e.g. Cbet in position and oop, check-raise frequency and many more)

The service also tracks net winnings and win rates for all players.

Games tracked are No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha and most hands above the NL2 / PLO2 limit are tracked. As of now, only proper cash games tables are tracked, no zoom or other fast fold poker tables. Sample Player Stats Sample Player Stats

Use Statname for Table Selection can be used for table selection across multiple poker sites at once via the MagicSeat table selection tool.

Here’s a video explaining how Statname works and how to use it with MagicSeat:

Subscription Options

To properly use, you need to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions come in several different levels:

  • NL/PLO 25 – all statistics up to and including 0.10/0.25
  • NL/PLO 50 – all statistics up to and including 0.25/0.50
  • NL/PLO 500 – all statistics up to and including 2.50/5.00
  • NL/PLO 500+ – statistics for all hands in the database

The first 5 player queries are free, so new users can try before subscribing.

 Current prizes for subscription per month are as follows:

LimitStars / 888 / iPoker / ChicoGGPokerPokerBros
NL/PLO 25FreeFreeFree
NL/PLO 50$10.50$10.50$12
NL/PLO 500$21.50$21.50$24
NL/PLO 500+$36$36$40 subscription options

The prices are monthly when choosing a one-year subscription. For shorter subscription periods the prices increase slightly.

Statname Top Players Sample Top Players Sample

Purchase Hand Histories

Users can also buy hand histories mined from GGpoker, PokerBros, PokerStars, iPoker and 888poker. mines poker hands 24 hours a day and it’s possible to purchase cash game hands for all limits and from various poker rooms. has a coverage of 99% of all cash games at PokerStars, GGPoker, iPoker, 888poker and PokerBros and gives you the option to automatically synchronize purchased hand histories with your PC.

To get a sample, just send a message to their Telegram Bot @hishands_en_bot ” I want a hand history sample”.

For more information, you can contact the hand history service via any of the following services:

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