Best Poker Events in Europe 2024

Poker in Europe

European poker tournaments in 2024 are set to attract many players. Two key highlights are WSOP Europe and EPT Paris. These events offer substantial prize pools and numerous opportunities for poker players.

Here are the top 5 reasons to attend WSOP Europe and EPT Paris in 2024:

  • High-Stakes Action: Compete in events with large prize pools.
  • Prestigious Venues: Play at King’s Casino in Rozvadov and Palais des Congres in Paris.
  • Variety of Events: Participate in tournaments with different buy-ins and formats.
  • Top Players: Face off against some of the best players globally.
  • Qualifying Opportunities: Win seats through online satellites and other qualifiers.

WSOP Europe features 15 bracelet events and a €5,000,000 guaranteed Main Event​. EPT Paris includes the popular Mystery Bounty and other significant tournaments​. These events provide excellent platforms for showcasing poker skills and competing at high levels.

Overview of WSOP Europe 2024

The WSOP Europe 2024 will take place at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. This venue is well-known for hosting major poker events. The series is scheduled from September 18 to October 9, providing nearly three weeks of high-stakes action​.

King’s Casino offers a premier setting with ample space for numerous tables and participants. It has hosted the WSOP Europe since 2017, consistently drawing top players from around the globe. The 2024 series will feature 15 bracelet events, offering a combined prize pool of €15,000,000​.

The main event is the highlight of WSOP Europe. It runs from October 4 to 9 and has a buy-in of €10,300. This prestigious event boasts a guaranteed prize pool of €5,000,000, making it one of the most lucrative tournaments in Europe​.

Other notable events include the €350 Opener and the €550 Colossus, both with significant guarantees. These events cater to a range of players, providing opportunities to compete for large sums without the high buy-in of the main event​.

The 2024 WSOP Europe promises to be a key event in the poker calendar, attracting players aiming for a coveted WSOP bracelet and substantial winnings.

Key Events at WSOP Europe

WSOP Europe 2024 features several standout tournaments. One of the key events is the €350 Opener, starting on September 18, with a guarantee of €1,000,000. This event offers a low buy-in and a substantial prize pool​​.

The €550 Colossus, scheduled for September 25, is another highlight. It has a €1,500,000 guarantee, attracting a large number of participants aiming for big payouts with a modest buy-in​. The €10,300 Main Event, running from October 4 to 9, is the crown jewel of the series. It offers a massive €5,000,000 guarantee, drawing top players from around the globe​​.

This year’s schedule includes 15 events, an increase from previous years, with total guarantees of €15,000,000. This expansion reflects the growing interest and participation in WSOP Europe​. The variety in buy-ins and event formats ensures that there is something for every poker player. One of these events is Caribbean stud poker, a popular game in many casinos. Unlike traditional poker, it is played against the house rather than other players. This game adds variety to the poker offerings, providing an alternative to the usual tournament formats. It combines elements of traditional poker and casino table games, making it an interesting choice for players.

Exploring EPT Paris 2024

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The EPT Paris 2024 will be held at the Palais des Congres, a state-of-the-art venue in the heart of Paris. This 12-day tournament starts on February 14 and features a range of events to suit different players​.

The main event is a major draw, offering a buy-in of €5,300 and attracting top talent from around the world. This event promises intense competition and substantial prize pools. The tournament setup at the Palais des Congres ensures plenty of space and improved facilities for all participants​.

Another notable event is the €3,000 Mystery Bounty, which combines traditional poker with a bounty twist, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement. This event has quickly become a favorite due to its unique format and potential for high rewards​​.

EPT Paris 2024 also includes high rollers and various side events, ensuring there is something for everyone. The venue’s location in central Paris provides easy access to accommodation and dining options, making it a convenient and attractive destination for players​. The combination of premier poker action and the allure of Paris makes this event a must-attend for poker enthusiasts.

Venue and Player Experience at EPT Paris

The EPT Paris 2024 will be held at the Palais des Congres, a modern venue in the heart of Paris. This location offers advanced facilities with more space for tournament tables and improved amenities for players. The increased capacity allows for a smoother and more efficient tournament experience​​.

Logistical improvements are a key feature at this venue. The registration process has been streamlined to reduce waiting times and enhance convenience. Players can register through multiple methods, including cash, chips, and credit card​.

Accommodation is readily available, with the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile directly connected to the Palais des Congres. This provides easy access and comfort for participants. The central location of the venue also means that players have a variety of dining and lodging options nearby​​.

Overall, the new venue and its facilities aim to provide a superior and convenient environment for all players attending EPT Paris 2024.

How to Participate in These Events

To participate in WSOP Europe or EPT Paris 2024, players can qualify through various routes. Online satellites hosted by platforms like GGPoker offer a chance to win seats at WSOP Europe. These online qualifiers are accessible and provide multiple opportunities to enter the main events​.

For EPT Paris, players need a PSLive account, which can be created at the venue’s registration desk. The tournament accepts various buy-in methods, including cash, chips, and credit cards, ensuring flexible payment options​​.

Eligibility requirements for both series are straightforward. Participants must be at least 18 years old and provide valid identification. Registration is efficient, with dedicated desks handling the process swiftly to minimize wait times​.

Both tournaments offer numerous events catering to different bankrolls, making it accessible for a wide range of players. Engaging in these events is a great opportunity to compete at the highest levels of poker in Europe.


The WSOP Europe and EPT Paris 2024 promise to be standout events in the poker calendar. These tournaments offer unique opportunities for players to compete at the highest level. With significant prize pools and a range of events, both series attract top talent from around the globe​.

WSOP Europe at King’s Casino and EPT Paris at Palais des Congres are set in premier locations, providing excellent facilities and smooth logistical processes. Both events offer various buy-ins and qualification routes, making them accessible to a broad range of players​.

Whether you are a player looking to compete or a fan following the action, these tournaments provide an excellent opportunity to witness top-tier poker. Participate to test your skills or stay updated on the thrilling matches and outcomes. The 2024 poker season in Europe is poised to be memorable and highly competitive.

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