Capitals and Countries: Advanced Trainer and Quiz

London - Capitals and Countries:  Trainer and Quiz

Below is an advanced quiz and trainer for the capitals of all countries in the world. Select which continents you want to include, the size of the countries included, and the number of guesses you want to have.

The quiz and trainer is intentionally difficult – you have to type the capital to the country, and there is no multiple choice.

Capitals & Countries Quiz: Notes

  • The trainer allows some misspellings when typing the capital. Capitalization is ignored.
  • If a country has multiple cities that can be regarded as capital (e.g. South Africa) any solution will be accepted.
  • When you get a capital wrong the same country will be repeated at some point within the next five rounds.
  • Countries will be repeated occasionally even if entered correctly if the game length is set big enough.
  • You can increase the difficulty level by limiting yourself to only small countries.
  • The capitals trainer is an effective way to memorize capitals. For that, it’s best to play with many guesses (game length over 50) and go continent by continent.

Please comment below if you have any remarks or questions, or if anything is not working.

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