Pushbot Trainer & Optimal shoving ranges

What are the correct ranges to move all-in with from late position in a poker tournament? What hands are good enough to defend against an all-in? This pushbot trainer helps to understand ranges in push-or-fold poker situations and visualizes the Sklansky Chubukov rankings and equilibrium rankings for tournament situations.

Stack size
Suited Cards

AA AKs AQs AJs ATs A9s A8s A7s A6s A5s A4s A3s A2s
AKo KK KQs KJs KTs K9s K8s K7s K6s K5s K4s K3s K2s
AQo KQo QQ QJs QTs Q9s Q8s Q7s Q6s Q5s Q4s Q3s Q2s
AJo KJo QJo JJ JTs J9s J8s J7s J6s J5s J4s J3s J2s
ATo KTo QTo JTo TT T9s T8s T7s T6s T5s T4s T3s T2s
A9o K9o Q9o J9o T9o 99 98s 97s 96s 95s 94s 93s 92s
A8o K8o Q8o J8o T8o 98o 88 87s 86s 85s 84s 83s 82s
A7o K7o Q7o J7o T7o 97o 87o 77 76s 75s 74s 73s 72s
A6o K6o Q6o J6o T6o 96o 86o 76o 66 65s 64s 63s 62s
A5o K5o Q5o J5o T5o 95o 85o 75o 65o 55 54s 53s 52s
A4o K4o Q4o J4o T4o 94o 84o 74o 64o 54o 44 43s 42s
A3o K3o Q3o J3o T3o 93o 83o 73o 63o 53o 43o 33 32s
A2o K2o Q2o J2o T2o 92o 82o 72o 62o 52o 42o 32o 22
Push / Call decidedly profitable
Push / Call just about profitable
Push / Call just about unprofitable
Push / Call decidedly unprofitable
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How does the Pushbot Trainer work?

  • Select a modus
  • Select a position
    • Push from the Small Blind: You’re in the small blind and it has been folded to you.
    • Push from the Button: You’re on the button and it has been folded to you. (Ranges are only approximations.)
    • Call in the Big Blind against the Small Blind: You’re in the big blind defending against the small blind.
    • Call in the Big Blind against the Button: You’re in the big blind defending against the button. (Ranges are only approximations.)
  • Select a stack size
    • Stack sizes can be between 0 and 50 big blinds (or up to 25 big blinds if you’re on the button / defending against the button).
  • The trainer indicates which hands you can profitably move all-in with or call an all-in width.
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