Top Tips for Online Poker Players

Online Poker Tips
Tips for Online Poker Players

Poker, as the game, stayed the same for a while now, but players changed their approach to it, which makes the game much harder these days. It’s been here for a while, so there are a lot of tips and tricks that professionals have to share with others, but it really depends on the person if they are talented or not. Of course, there is card counting which is a bit difficult, but you don’t have to be gifted in order to use it.

On the other hand, these cheats can’t be used when it comes to online poker because everything is handled by the software. It’s not like the NBA picks that you play on where you can do statistics and analytics and make a wager. Poker requires constant attention during play and memory if you don’t know the players.

A great thing for new players is that there are free games that you can download and play, which is a form of training for any professional. There are also a lot of valuable books that you can find online if you decide to take your skill to another level.

Play Slowly at the Beginning

Giant Tortoise
Slow play wins the race

This is probably the most crucial advice you will hear regarding online poker because people tend to play each hand just to try things out. But it’s a patience game where you need to get to know the opponents in order to make the right decisions in the future.

It can only take a few hands to figure out who is an aggressive player and who plays safe. Another important feature on some websites is to note what their playstyle is like under every person. If you don’t have an option on the website, have a notebook or mobile phone by your side so you can use it.

Don’t Call Big Blind

This is a beginner’s mistake; they will always call the big blind because it’s a small amount of money. Always check your hand and decide if you want to proceed or not. Do some research about the two most powerful cards you can have and the least powerful. This will give you an overview of the potential your cards have.

It’s essential in the beginning because people will be suspicious about your plays, and you will save a lot of money from the start because online players tend to play fast. You can’t see their facial expressions, but the way they invest tends to be very similar for each hand.

How To Bluff?

Poker Bluff

The hardest thing to do is bluff when you can’t see others in person, but this is why you should focus more on the early hands you play. Start slowly and make sure you bluff on the first two and third cards before everyone knows all the cards. They will always expect that the 4th and 5th cards will be on their side, but your bet will make them curious.

They will suspect that you already have three great cards that are working in your favor, which means that their chances of winning are much lower. This will help you see who will back down in the beginning so that you can use this later in the game with more significant amounts.

Be Aggressive When It’s Obvious

After a few hands, you will be able to see who plays softly and doesn’t want to follow anyone if they don’t have great cards. Always use this to your advantage when you have the big blind or at any point of the game when you see that they are unsure in their bets.

Make them fold after the third card even if they rise so you can push them out of the game while they have a good hand. Every player has to be aggressive at some point in the game unless they are constantly getting great cards.

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