The Rising Popularity of Online Roulette

Online Roulette Popularity

Roulette has always been a popular casino game all over the world. But just how popular is it when compared to other casino games? ENV Media conducted a study recently where they broke down the figures for the top games using average search volumes from various SEO tools. Let’s have a look at the findings below!

Increase in Generic Searches for Roulette

The ENV Media study reveals that among the generic searches related to gambling in Brazil, roulette commands a significant share. This indicates not just a passing interest, but a deep-rooted fascination with the game among Brazilian users.

Search Volume Roulette Brazil
Source: ENV Media

The generic term roleta is seen to be the most commonly used search term for players in the Brazilian market. With a staggering 301,000 average monthly searches, it’s very clear that this has become an extremely popular game. In total, all of the tracked search terms add up to an astonishing 409,230 monthly searches for terms related to online roulette within the market.

If you are to look at the trend for this term over a period of time, it also becomes clear that there has been a huge spike in interest in the searches for “roleta” in the Brazilian market. The graph below shows the dramatic increase that started in December 2021.

Google Trend Roulette Brazil
Source: Mangools

How Roulette Compares to Other Casino Games

This sharp growth in the numbers related to roleta becomes much more evident when you compare it to the average monthly searches of other generic terms for other casino game categories.

Below, we have compared the data from blackjack and slots – two major casino game categories that traditionally drive a lot of traffic:

Search Volume Blackjack

Blackjack generic search terms account for only 29,900 average monthly searches – a stark difference from the 400,000+ that roulette is seeing.

Search Volume Slots

Slots terms on the other hand, while being much higher than blackjack at 112,600, is still trailing a long way behind roulette terms too.

The popularity of online roulette in Brazil reflects a growing inclination towards digital gambling platforms and the importance of SEO in shaping market visibility. Statista data from 2022 reveals that there has been a big interest in roulette for at least the last 2 years. 78% of respondents mentioned roulette as being their top casino game. Blackjack, for comparison, came in second place with 66%. Given these figures, it would seem that something has catapulted roulette’s popularity a lot since this study was carried out.

One main reason behind this is the fact that there are numerous localised roulette tables available to play in the market. In fact, based on some data that KTO Casino recently released, the localised roulette games are some of the most popular.

Roulette Providers Brazil

In the above table, you can clearly see that 5 out of the top 10 roulette games that are available are ones that have been localised for the market. In fact, the top 2 games in the list are those created specifically for the players. It becomes clear that these localised games, combined with an increasingly digitalised market have led to the continued growth in roulette’s popularity.


The ENV Media study paints a clear picture of online roulette’s burgeoning popularity in Brazil. As the digital gambling landscape continues to evolve, roulette’s allure remains undiminished, captivating a growing audience of online players. 

For operators, this trend is not just an opportunity but a call to action to refine their strategies and offerings, ensuring they meet the soaring demand for this timeless casino classic in the heart of Brazil.

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