The Most Popular Poker Variants Played in the UK

Poker is an exciting card casino game with international relevance. The rule is to have a hand that betters others at the table. Statistics showed over 160,000 active gaming tables in 2022 in the UK alone, and the majority were found in poker rooms. It is popular in many land-based and online casinos. One reason that it enjoys patronage is because there are many variants. It’s little wonder why you’ll find several poker tournament formats with a twist in the rules.

Multiple iGaming platforms with unique varieties mean that trying to figure out which option is the best to play on could be a headache. For example, several online casino sites in the UK offer different rules and categories. With the introduction of poker to the best live casinos in the UK, you can play your favourite selections with a poker room experience. This article highlights the most popular types doing waves in Great Britain.

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is an exciting title with the traditional features. It reserves the spot as the most popular poker variant across the UK and the globe. In a game session, players receive two hole cards and combine them with 5 community cards to get the best hand.

This variant is popular because the rules make up the basis for other types. It’s also a favourite online poker type for newbies and pros. Besides, it is the primary title for top poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker.


Omaha is a close competitor to Texas Hold ’em in popularity across the UK. However, there are only a few differences that separate them. With Omaha, players get 4 hole cards instead of 2. Next is to combine the exact order they got with 2 community cards to build the best hand possible.

You’ll likely find Omaha as an option in many UK poker rooms. One reason it is popular is because there are different sub-categories. They include Fixed limit, No-limit, The River, The flop, etc. Some are more famous than others.


Seven-card stud poker perfectly positions itself as a move from contemporary poker. Here, the game rules are different, making it more complex but exciting at the same time. There are no community cards, unlike the first two. Instead, all players receive several hole cards from the dealer to build the best hand. Some options are face up, and others are face down.

The Seven-card stud is the most popular of these variants in UK poker rooms. Seven card stud requires strategy and chance, as well as bluffing. It was the most popular variant until Texas Hold ’em took over its place. Many UK online casinos still offer it, though.


Draw remains one of the most classic poker variants at UK online casinos. The name comes from its familiarity among cowboys, as it had the illusion of drawing a gun from its holster. It is similar to stud as there are no community cards.

The most popular option from this variant is the five-card draw. You’ll find other selections that draw good casino bonuses on some sites. With this feature, players place an ante and get five face-down cards. You can view the cards, swap, wager a bet, and continue playing. There’s no room for bluffing with a draw. So you get more options to claim good casino bonuses, like the special birthday bonus casino offers, cashback, weekly promotions, etc. You get a better chance to play for longer and win with the best hand available.


Razz is similar to seven-card stud and has the same game rules, although it is a lowball version. This means the hand rankings are the reverse for the highball option. Many pro players prefer Razz since it allows them to use their skills and gain a healthy edge against the house.


The pineapple poker variant is lively, with a slight alteration to the traditional gameplay. Players receive 3 hole cards rather than 2, making them similar to Texas Hold ’em. However, each one will have to discard one after a flop round and keep 2 for the remainder of the game session.

The unusual gameplay allows unique tactics and strategies to thrive. Pineapple poker is fast-paced and has unusual outcomes. Many poker players in UK prefer it since it steps away from the conventional playing style they know.

Final Words

Poker is a casino game that won’t lose relevance in the UK. Thanks to the different varieties available, it still continues to draw attraction. Whether you’re a casual gamer who needs something to relax or a pro gambler, this title caters to all your cravings. So, straighten your cards, bluff if you have to, and bask in the entertainment that poker brings.

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