The History of the Online Poker in the UK Casinos

History of Poker in the UK

Poker is one of the most popular card games in physical and internet casinos globally. It requires great skills, and many punters in the UK love playing it. With the recent rise of this title on top brands, it will interest you that it wasn’t this popular from inception.

The UK gaming community was slow to accept this game, favouring other types of card games. As players can easily access this game on GGBET UK casino and other top online brands, we bet you might not know how it became this popular. Learn how poker has evolved from a simple card game into being widely played on the internet in the UK. 

Poker in the Ancient Time


Many may believe the American Old West is the birthplace of poker, but it has existed far before then. It is agreed that the title became more popular through the Americans, but its existence dates many centuries back. There are varying stories about the real origin. 

According to some reports, the Chinese Emperor, Mu-tsung, played the first poker. He enjoyed the “Domino Card” with his wife on New Year’s Eve as far back as the 10th Century. While some believe it started spreading from that moment, others have a different story.

Some believe experts coined this title from the popular Persian game named “Nas.” This was in the 16th century, but all these claims were not proven. Not until the title came into the limelight in France the following century. It spread to the United States through Canada, where it became widely known. However, the game remains unknown in the UK during all these periods.

Poker Emergence in the UK

The British gamers did not know about this title until around the middle of the 19th century, thanks to General Schenck’s letter. The American Ambassador in the UK then compiled a simple guide to help teach the title to British gamers in 1872. They eventually printed this guide into booklets, which began the slow popularity journey in the nations.

Many snubbed the game in the nation in its early stages as some believed it’s dodgy reputation. And some believe it’s a little complex to understand. Even with the 1960s Gaming Act introduction, only unlicensed casinos offer tables for poker. Brits would rather stick to their traditional card games, which include:

  • Brag
  • Rummy
  • Cribbage

The Rise of Modern Poker in the UK

The rise of television shows like the 1999 “Late Night Poker” finally drew Brits attention to the title. The show entails celebrities and pro players striving to have better hands, and it appeals to the citizens. They were exposed to the simplicity of the game and even participated in television tournaments. 


With the spark already created, introducing Texas Hold ’em, which is quite newer, was easier. Gradually, tables for these titles started appearing in casinos across the country as the game continued to spread. Its status in land-based casinos increased over time, but all these were under the regulations of the Gambling Commission. 

Online Poker in the United Kingdom 

The 1994 debut of online wagering was right on time for the rise of online poker in the country. While many were reluctant to jump on the innovation then, Microgaming took the lead in producing online casino titles, and its success attracted other providers. More games, including pokers, started appearing on the internet. 

Betting brands were equally sceptical about going online until William Hills decided in 1998. Many other platforms follow the lead and Brits eventually have many platforms to play on. Amid all these developments, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission was established in 2005. This further solidifies players’ trust in playing Pokers online. 

With no need to visit brick-and-mortar casinos, many Brits enjoyed this game in their comfort. Many tournaments were organized, and people started winning massively on the internet. Aside from Texas Hold ’em, more variants were released, which increased the thrills. Some popular ones are:

  • Omaha
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Triple Draw
  • Chinese Poker
  • High Low Chicago

Get Ready to Test Your Poker Skills Online

This game has come a long way and has grown in popularity in less than 20 years in the nation—all thanks to the timely emergence of internet gaming and television. You can now test your skills at your comfort. Find a credible brand with thrilling titles and begin your memorable adventure. However, make sure you observe responsible gambling measures.

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