Regular Poker vs Video Poker: Which Should I Play?

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Whether you are an avid gambler or just love to play cards, you have probably heard of poker, and with the surge of online casinos, another variation-video poker-has become quite popular.

While most punters are more familiar with regular poker, video poker is video poker remains a mystery to some. In this guide, we will provide a detailed comparison of the two and which one would be the better option for you.

Regular Poker

Poker that is played against a dealer or another player is known as regular poker. A beginner’s guide will lead you through it if you are new to poker. Poker hands consist of the following:

  • A Flush
  • A Straight
  • One Pair
  • Royal Flush
  • High Card
  • Full House
  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Two pair.

Regular poker variants

Regular poker has different variants each with its own rules. The core rules of the game, however, stay the same throughout all varieties. The following are some of the more prevalent variations.

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is probably the most well-known version of regular poker, and in some cases, it’s the only variation many players learn. In this version, the players are dealt two cards face down, also known as the hole cards. As the game does more rounds, five more cards also known as community cards are dealt face up. Each player can use a combination of the hole cards and community cards to build their five-card poker hand.


Just like in Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker requires a combination of hole cards and community cards. In Omaha, players are dealt four cards face down and five community cards later. The players must also choose two of their four cards and use them both to make the best hand.

Five Card Draw

In this variation of regular poker, each player is dealt five cards when the game begins. In other words, there are no community cards. Video poker actually gets its foundation from the Five Card Draw.

Video Poker

Video poker is poker that is played against a machine that looks similar to a slot machine. Video poker is similar to regular poker in that you will play the same 52 Deck and use the same hands above but is more interactive. Clearly, you cannot properly play video poker without some basic knowledge of regular poker.

In video poker, the casino’s software deals you with the cards and you select the cards that offer a strong poker hand. Once you choose your cards, you select the draw option if you want to replace your cards. How much you win is determined by the game you chose and the casino’s paytable.

To win at video poker, you have to know the strategy of the game you choose and practice before you play. At you can find several casinos where you can start your online poker journey.

In video poker, it is easier to read your ‘opponent’, especially in well-regulated countries, which ensures the casino maintains an honest game.

Variants of video poker

There are different variations of video poker including:

Deuces Wild

This type of video poker is when the deuces (2s) act as wilds. In other words, you can possibly replace any card with a deuce, and the wild 2s can result in a number of winning combinations you will miss in other variants. The game also usually has high payback yields.

Jokers Wild

Similar to deuces wild, here the Jokers are also wild cards. This means that a joker can replace other cards on the deck. However, this variant is one of the most complicated versions of video poker.

Bonus Poker

This version of video poker offers the player a bonus for specific four of a kind hands. The rewards are based on the cards’ rankings. For example, four 2s are paid at a rate of 40 for one, while four 5s through Kings are paid 25 for one.

Jacks or Better

This is the most popular version of video poker and for you to master the game, you will already need to know how to play how to play five-card draw poker as the rules are the same. The player only receives a payout if they draw a pair of Jacks or better.

Tens or Better

As the name implies, all you need to win the game is a pair of 10s or greater. Compared to Jacks or Better, this game is simpler to win since winning combinations are more common.

All American

The sole distinction between this variation and Jacks or Better is that in this one, five cards are dealt in the initial hand, and each combination has a different reward. A Straight Flush, for instance, pays out more than a Full House.

Which is better?

Despite it being fun, video poker in most online casinos is designed to ensure the house usually wins, making chances of playing professionally quite slim compared to regular poker.

Additionally, even though some skill is required in video poker, video poker is more of a game of chance. Regular poker, on the other hand, requires more skill.


If you are a beginner, it may be better for you to start with regular poker and then progress to video poker. This will increase your chances of winning.

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