NFL 2023: Best Bonuses for the Regular Season

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As we race toward the end of summer, football fans begin to look ahead to the coming National Football League campaign. Since the 2023 Super Bowl in February, lovers of American Football have had little to follow. There have been no games of note, with players and officials enjoying their summer breaks, returning home to see their families, and re-charging batteries ahead of the new season.

The leading NFL coaches have remained at home or work over the summer months. They know success doesn’t sleep, and wins come from work in the off-season. They’ve been busy working through their player wish list, targeting new arrivals in areas that need strengthening while helping move surplus players to requirements. There’s no rest for great coaches; they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pre-season is also an excellent time for football fans to make predictions on the teams to follow this year. The leading bookies allow customers to place an online bet using their desktop computer or smartphone. Wager on the regular season winners, a team to make the playoffs, or blaze a trail of glory to the Super Bowl. It’s like having a sportsbook gambling office in your hand.

Preparing for kick-off

You can predict the winners of those markets in pre-season or any stage of the season. The leading sportsbooks offer customers many betting options and odds before game one. When the first round of results is in the bag, the betting moves to live, and an in-play trader updates the offers when needed. Get in early for the value or time your attack on the bookies to perfection.

You must research when making predictions and placing bets on the NFL. You want to know the trades, pre-season results, new coaches settling into the team, injury news, and more. Watch the latest official interviews with players, coaches, and new arrivals to get a reliable take on the campaign. Only when you have all the relevant information should you consider parting with your hard-earned cash and betting.

You now have the information needed to pick a winning team and know the market that suits your budget. You’re ready to hit the bookies where it hurts. But you must first register with a legal and licensed sportsbook to trade in your region. Do your homework to find the right bookie, as your bets are only as good as your gambling app allows.

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Bonuses, specials, and free bets

When ready to join a bookie, you’ll notice hundreds available, each selling itself as the best in the business. But how do you know which one to trust? It’s not easy, but you can often judge a sportsbook by the generosity of its welcome bonus offered to new customers. Do you feel you’re getting the VIP treatment or just another number?

There are many styles of welcome bonuses, and in this section, we display the best. These deals passed our multi-point tests, and our team is happy to share them with readers. You can only join a bookie once as a new customer and collect the welcome offer, but there’s nothing in the terms and conditions that state you must stick to one provider. 

Many professional bettors create accounts with multiple bookies to bag free bets. Browse the types of welcome bonuses below and choose the best for you. These deals are available today, and if you still need to register an account with a sportsbook, you can sign up and grab the free bets offered.

Deposit-matched free bet

The deposit-matched free bet is the most popular welcome bonus for gamblers today. The deal is well-received by both bookies and bettors as it works on both sides of the counter. 

Join a sportsbook and make your first deposit using a card and bet. When your first wager results, the sportsbook’s customer care team will automatically add the free bet tokens to your account. You’ll find your free bets in your account balance, and they’re ready to use.

The deposit-matched free bet puts customers in control of their spending and the size of the free bet. It’s ideal as those on a budget can claim a $10 free bet while other bettors can aim higher.

Risk-free bets

The risk-free bet is similar to the deposit-matched in that it’s common in the industry. You automatically qualify for the promotion when you join a gambling app as a new customer, deposit funds, and bet.

Choose the market and bet that catches your eye, and click on the odds to add to your bet slip. If your pick wins, you keep the returns as usual, withdraw your winnings, or use the profits to fund more bets.

But if your opening wager is a loser, the bookie refunds your stake in cash or as free bet tokens. It’s a no-lose situation and allows some bettors to aim for a big-price winner, knowing the worst is they get their cash back.

Enhanced odds

One way a bookie can stand out from the crowd and attract new customers is to offer enhanced odds to everyone opening an account today. It catches the eye of potential players and encourages gamblers to join one sportsbook app over the competition.

Suppose everyone is betting on Buffalo Bills to win this weekend, and you fancy getting in on the action. It seems a good bet. But you don’t have an online betting account. That’s excellent news. Create an account with the app offering enhanced odds and start gambling. If Buffalo wins, you’ll get higher returns.

Extra places each way

The extra places each way promotion is best suited to events with large fields, such as golf tournaments or horse races. If most bookies offer, each way terms 1/4 the odds 1-2-3, one bookie might add an extra place, bringing it to 1/4 1-2-3-4. 

This minor adjustment might not seem like much, but it can be the difference between making a profit and losing your stake. 

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