Tiger Gaming Review

Tiger Gaming Traffic

Peak cash game traffic of the Chico Poker Network over the past years.

The chart above shows the average number (over 60 days) of real money cash game players online during peak hours for the operator. This number does not include tournament players or players at other game variants.

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Tiger Gaming Bonus und Bonus Codes

The Tiger Gaming Welcome Bonus is laughably bad. This bonus is the prime example of simply putting out a big number (“up to $1,000”), but having conditions that make it virtually impossible to clear it.

The bonus clears at a rate of $5 per $50 rake generated – only 10% effective rakeback. This is much lower than the industry standard (20%). On top of this, players only have 30 days to clear the bonus. This is nowhere near the required time to redeem any significant portion of the potential $1,000, given that most of the action at Tiger Gaming is at the lower and micro stakes.

Tiger Gaming Rake and Tournament Fees

Tiger Gaming charges 1 cent rake per 18 cents in the pot for cash games. This equals roughly 5.56% and is noticeably higher than the 5% most other operators charge. While many operators cap the rake at $4 (or even €4) across all limits, Tiger Gaming caps at $3 for all limits below NL100 (and $4 for higher limits).

Tiger Gaming Cash Game Rake


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The table above shows the amount of rake an average player pays per 100 hands for various limits and variants. You can switch the number of players per table and the game variant.

  • Rake / 100 hands: Average amount you can expect to pay in rake every 100 hands.
  • Net Rake: This is how much money you actually spend on rake compared to the pots you are playing.
  • Formal Rake: Rake percentage and cap
  • Rank: This column shows how the operator compares to all other operators (lower is better).