Tiger Gaming Review

Tiger Gaming Bonus und Bonus Codes

The Tiger Gaming Welcome Bonus is laughably bad. This bonus is the prime example of simply putting out a big number (“up to $1,000”), but having conditions that make it virtually impossible to clear it.

The bonus clears at a rate of $5 per $50 rake generated – only 10% effective rakeback. This is much lower than the industry standard (20%). On top of this, players only have 30 days to clear the bonus. This is nowhere near the required time to redeem any significant portion of the potential $1,000, given that most of the action at Tiger Gaming is at the lower and micro stakes.

Tiger Gaming Rake and Tournament Fees

Tiger Gaming charges 1 cent rake per 18 cents in the pot for cash games. This equals roughly 5.56% and is noticeably higher than the 5% most other operators charge. But while many operators cap the rake at $4 (or even €4) across all limits Tiger Gaming caps at $3 for all limits below NL100 (and $4 for higher limits). Due to this fact we rated the rake as “good” – at least compared to the competitor field which is (on average) more expensive.