The Ultimate Guide to Sniper Rifles in CSGO: Types, Uses, and Strategies

CSGO Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles in Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) are high-precision and long-range weapons designed to take down enemies with pinpoint accuracy from far off. As it is in real life, sniper rifles in CSGO are more effective when fired from concealment. A player armed with a sniper has the element of surprise as an advantage in combat. At other times when rifle snipers are not making a kill, they are very effective for surveillance purposes on enemy territory. In either case, to get the best out of sniper rifles in CSGO, one needs to be positioned strategically, exercise patience, aim and fire with precision when an enemy is within the range of kill. Let’s get to find out more about CSGO sniper weapons as there is a wide array of sniper weapons of different calibres in the game.

Types of Sniper Rifles and Their Situational Uses in CSGO

When used strategically and with precision, a sniper can inflict maximum damage on the enemy. However, this also means that some sniper weapons are not suitable for certain occasions. An understanding of the primary types of sniper rifles in CSGO, their capabilities, limitations and best-use scenarios will enable a player to use the weapon effectively in virtual combat.

Active Warfare Police (AWS) Sniper

  • Merit: one-shot kill
  • Limitation: slow reload speed
  • Best Use: long-range kills

The AWP is a sniper that is everyone’s favourite. This weapon can inflict irreparable damage in a single shot when fired on an enemy with precision. Whether it is an armoured or unarmoured enemy, the AWP is sure to get a good job done especially when fired from concealed and hard-to-spot angles. Little wonder it is everyone’s iconic big weapon.

Be that as it may, with a gun this big, a player can easily be put at a disadvantage. The AWP is a heavy weapon with a slow reload speed. It is also less effective when aimed and fired below the enemy’s waist level. Take a miss and one will get easily exposed with high chances of being hit with enemy fire. It is also hard to fire this weapon when getting away from an exposed position. 

Scout Sniper (SS08)

  • Merit: quick mobility
  • Limitation: low damage against armoured enemies
  • Best Use: fast-paced sniping

The SSG 08 which is more commonly referred to as the Scout, is one of the most affordable CSGO sniper rifles with a fast movement speed while scoped. The weapon fires quickly with good accuracy and fast reload which makes it a deadly weapon to use when enemies are closing in on a player.

However, one of the chief limitations of this weapon is its inability to inflict damage on an armoured enemy with one shot. It has a low penetrative force against amours and will most likely get its user exposed when fired on an armoured enemy. Except for headshots and enemies without amour, the SS08 won’t go far where you have enemies with more sophisticated weapons.

Terrorist Auto Sniper (G3SG1)

  • Merit: rapid-fire
  • Limitation: low damage against armoured enemies
  • Best Use: suppressive firing

The G3SG1 is an automatic CSGO sniper rifle available to Terrorists. It is designed for rapid firing with good accuracy when stationary. It has twice as much capability as the Scout. This means that where the Scout fails, the G3SG1 will nearly get the job done with precision. But is there ever a second chance in CSGO when an enemy spots its attacker’s cover?

When it comes to enemies advancing their course with armoured equipment, the inefficiency of the G3SG1 gets easily exposed. Except for headshots, it has a low penetrative force against armoured enemies. Its slow reload speed is also another limitation that turns off some players from adding it to their arsenal.

Counter-Terrorist Auto Sniper (SCAR-20)

  • Merit: fast recoil
  • Limitation: limited accuracy when moving
  • Best Use: close range defensive position

The SCAR-20 is a modified and improved version of the G3SG1 sniper weapon. It offers rapid firing with decent accuracy and an improved recoil speed. When properly set, a player can effectively hold defensive positions, choke points and engage suppressive fire for a long time.

However, one of its limitations is its inability to inflict damage on armoured enemies. It is also less accurate when fired in a moving position. It is therefore not one of the best CSGO sniper rifles to hold a position with when exposed to enemies advancing with superior weapons.

Conclusion: Strategies to Mastering the Art of Sniping in CSGO

To be an effective sniper, a player needs to be in the best position possible. From this position, there should be a clear line of sight with minimal or no exposure at all to enemy fire. When a good position has been selected and the sniper mounted, timing and patience are the next vital thing. To be an effective sniper with any weapon in CSGO, a player must exercise patience and wait for the perfect moment to fire a shot. Firing at enemies surprisingly is crucial to catching opponents off guard. When playing as a team armed with CSGO sniper rifles, it is vital to engage in communication with all members of the team, disclose enemy locations and pick them off precisely.

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