Natural8 Review

Natural8 Poker Bonus and Bonus Codes

Natural8 offers a decent sign up bonus. New players receive up to $600 on their first deposit and have 60 days to clear the bonus. The bonus clears at a rate of $5 per $20 rake (equivalent to 25% cash back while clearing the bonus).

This bonus is easy to clear and provides decent value, even for recreational players.

Rake at Natural8

The GGNetwork is overall a bit more expensive than PokerStars, but still the second best site in regards to rake according to our extensive Online Poker Rake Comparison.

How good or bad Natural8 is regarding rake heavily depends on the game you are playing:

  • Texas Hold’em: All NLH cash games are raked at a rate of 5%, which is industry standard. The cap depends on the stakes but is generally quite a bit higher than over at PokerStars. Especially high stakes players will notice a significant rake contribution as the cap can go up to $50 for the most expensive $200 / $400 games.

  • Fast Fold: Fast Fold games (Rush & Cash) have a substantially lower cap at the lower limits and are cheaper than anywhere else.

  • Omaha: Omaha cash games are raked at only 3%, which is much lower than at any other operator. But this comes with a caveat: there is NO cap at all. This means, a $10k pot at the $25 / $50 stakes will cost $300. Due to the low rake percentage PLO games on Natural8 are cheaper than PLO games at PokerStars until you reach the $0.50 / $1.00 stakes. After that PLO games start to become significantly more expensive.

Overall, the Natural8 rake deserves a particularly good, maybe even superb rating for the lower stakes (up to $0.50 / $1.00), especially for PLO and Fast Fold games. For high stakes players on the other hand Natural8 is much more expensive than all competitors. The soft competition probably makes up for that, though. These are the rake details for Natural8:

Natural8 rakes preflop whenever there was a 3-bet

Please note: Natural8 rakes as soon as there was 3-bet before the flop.

Normally all poker sites and live poker rooms have a no-flop-no-drop rule: no rake is taken if there is no flop.

Due to this policy more pots are raked at Natural8. We calculated the effect this has:

0.2% higher net rake

On average the net rake (average percentage in rake paid considering rake percentage and cap) is 0.2% higher when all 3-bet hands are raked compared to only hands that see a flop. This difference is noticeable, but not devastatingly high.

Natural8 FAQ

Does Natural8 accept US players?

Right now, Natural8 does not operate in the US and players from the US cannot play there right now.

Does Natural8 accept players from the UK?

Natural8 does not operate in the UK or any other country in Europe where Online Poker is regulated on a national level (for example France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden or Switzerland).

Can you play at Natural8 using a VPN?

It is not allowed to use a VPN to play at Natural8 and the operator enforces that rule very strictly. Any player who is caught using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to circumvent country restrictions will lose all money in their account and their account will be closed permanently.

Is Natural8 legal?

Natural8 is a young poker site, but completely legal. As part of the huge GGNetwork Natural8 is licensed in Curacao and several regulatory bodies ensure legal security for all Natural8 players.

Who owns Natural8?

Natural8 is run by Run Good N.V., a company registered in Cyprus with offices in Curacao.

How to contact Natural8?

Natural8 offers live chat on their homepage and you can send them an email (

How long does a Natural8 withdrawal take?

The withdrawal time on Natural8 depends on the method used for Withdrawal. E-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayzs) are usually the fastest options and processing takes between 1 and 2 business days. Before being able to withdraw, players must confirm their identity by uploading a copy of their ID.

Is Natural8 rigged?

No, Natural8 is not rigged. Natural8 operates in the GGNetwork, the 3rd largest poker network worldwide. The games are monitored by multiple regulatory authorities and audited regularly. No case of “rigging” ever occurred in the history of the GGNetwork.

What is the difference between GGPoker and Natural8?

Natural8 and GGPoker operate in the same network (the GGNetwork) and use mostly the same software. They offer the same games and many of the promotions also overlap. Natural8 has some promotions that GGPoker doesn’t offer (rake races and special tournaments for example).

Are PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager allowed at Natural8?

The use of tracking software (PokerTracker, Hold’em Manager) is not allowed at Natural8. The operator offers a built-in tracking tool and HUD with limited scope which helps players keep track of their hands and displays some statistics (like VPIP) while playing. But to deter high volume multi table grinders Natural8 prohibits the use of any software which might aid the player.