888poker Review

888poker Traffic

Peak cash game traffic over the past years.

The chart above shows the average number (over 60 days) of real money cash game players online during peak hours for the operator. This number does not include tournament players or players at other game variants.

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888poker Bonus und Bonus Codes

The current 888poker bonus exceptionally good. New players receive €20 in tournament tickets over 7 days without any deposit. On top of that new players receive up to €400 on their first deposit. This bonus is worth 20% cashback and can be claimed over 90 days.

About the $88 free bonus on 888poker

888 bonus: $88 free
Almost impossible to clear: $88 free

Some notes about the $88 free without deposit bonus that 888poker used to advertise heavily over many years and that many affiliate sites still promote prominently.

This $88 free bonus is highly unrealistic.

Technically yes, new players can receive up to $88 without having to deposit a single penny. But the terms and conditions attached to this bonus make this an extremely difficult endeavor. Only the first $8 of the bonus are actually free. They’re credited over seven days as 14 $0.50 tourney tickets plus $1 in cash. The remaining bonus is released in steps of $8 per $125 rake paid. This is a ridiculous requirement. Given that players trying to build up a bankroll from nothing will start playing micro stakes, they will needs weeks, probably months to accumulate this amount of rake.

There’s also a catch to the initial $8 of this free bonus. Any amount won using this bonus can only be withdrawn after the player has generated at least $10 in rake.

888poker Rake and Tournament Fees

In the past, the rake at 888poker has always been slightly higher than at most other sites. 888 charges 5% percent rake for cash games (a bit more at the micro stakes) and the rake is capped at $4 across almost all stakes except heads up (where it’s only $1). For most other poker sites it used to be common standard to cap the rake at $3 across all limits and the one dollar higher cap at 888 was very significant for everyone playing NL25 or higher.

Tournaments are taxed at roughly 10% fee taken from the buy-in – more or less the same rate as all other poker sites have as well.

While 10 years ago this cash game rake model would have been unusually expensive, nowadays more and more operators have decided to run with an even more expensive rake scheme (either to fend off professional grinders or simply because they can get away with overpricing their product).

Meaning: our 888 rake rating has to be “decent” – at least compared to the competition.

888poker Cash Game Rake


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The table above shows the amount of rake an average player pays per 100 hands for various limits and variants. You can switch the number of players per table and the game variant.

  • Rake / 100 hands: Average amount you can expect to pay in rake every 100 hands.
  • Net Rake: This is how much money you actually spend on rake compared to the pots you are playing.
  • Formal Rake: Rake percentage and cap
  • Rank: This column shows how the operator compares to all other operators (lower is better).

888poker VIP Program

The 888poker VIP is rather mediocre for grinders and high volume players. Players can expect up to 10% cashback via the 888poker VIP program.

How the 888club works

  • Earn points: Players earn points by generating rake (or playing casino games). The rate is 100 points per $1 rake contribution.
  • Move up levels: After accumulating a certain amount of points players move up one 888club level.
  • Earn tokens: After moving up a level, players receive a certain amount of Gold tokens. The rate is between 5 up to 10 tokens per 100 points.
  • Exchange tokens for bonus money: Players can redeem the tokens for different items in the 888 store. The most common items are tournament tickets and (easy to clear) bonuses. The rate is $1 bonus (or tournament) money for 100 tokens.

Players can earn some additional points by completing daily challenges, but in the greater scheme of things, those extra points don’t amount to too much.

There are 2,000 levels currently available in the 888club and you cannot drop in levels. A player will need to generate more than $300k rake to exceed the level limit, something that is unlikely to happen quickly for virtually any player at 888poker.

The following table shows how much cashback a player can expect via cash bonuses through the 888club program, depending on the amount of rake he generates:

Effective 888poker Cashback

RakeLevelCashbackEff. Rakeback

For the 888club it doesn’t matter how quickly or slowly players generate rake. Players can rank up as slowly as they like.

Overall the 888poker VIP program doesn’t offer very much. 10% cashback is very little compared to most other operators and combined with the comparatively high rake, 888poker simply isn’t a very good poker provider for players that rely on high volume.

888poker FAQ

Does 888poker accept US players?

Currently the only US states that 888poker operates in are New Jersey, Necada and Delaware. Players living in or visiting these states can play at a special 888poker client for real money. The players from all three states ahre the same player pool.

Can you play 888poker with a VPN?

It is not allowed to use a VPN to play at 888poker and the operator strictly enforces that rule. Any player who uses any sort of VPN (Virtual Private Network) to circumvent regulatory restrictions risks having all his funds forfeited and their account closed permanently.

Is 888poker legal?

888poker is operated by a company listed on the London Stock exchange and is regulated in multiple jurisdictions all over the world, including the European Union and several US states. Players at 888poker are in a save legal environment and can trust the operator with their money.

Who owns 888poker?

888poker is run by the Gibraltar based company 888 Holdings plc. The company was founded in 1997, is listed on the London stock exchange and has more than 1,500 employees.

How to contact 888poker?

The easiest way to contact 888poker is via email. The address is support@888poker.com. 888poker also offers live chat on their homepage.

How long does a 888poker withdrawal take?

The withdrawal time on 888poker depends on the withdrawal method used. Skrill and Neteller are the fastest options with processing taking only one day. Other withdrawal methods usually take up to 5 business days to complete.

Is 888poker rigged?

No, 888poker is not rigged. It is operating since 2002 and not a single case of rigged games, super users or suspicious activity has been made public since then. The 888 Holdings company registered half a billion US Dollars revenue in 2019. The company (or any other big poker provider) doesn’t jeopardize this immense income by “rigging the games”.

How to cheat at 888poker?

You cannot cheat at 888poker or any other reputable poker provider. The servers are secure and it’s impossible to gather any game information that isn’t publicly available.

How to get the no deposit bonus on 888poker?

Once you sign up for 888poker you are eligible for the $88 free no deposit bonus. After registering your account you will have to send an email to support@888poker.com and claim your “free play” bonus. Once the support processes your request, you will receive $1 in free cash and several tournament tickets over multiple days, totaling $8. The remainder of the bonus is only released after you have generated a significant amount of rake. Please refer to our upper section: “About the $88 free bonus on 888poker”.

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