3 Most Often Opened CS2 Cases and Their Contents: Summer 2024 

Masses aren’t always right. However, when it comes to CS2 cases, the majority of the players always choose the best options. On this page, we’ll reveal players’ choices for Summer 2024. You’ll find out why players prefer these cases by learning their contained skins. But before we begin…

If you don’t like any of the cases reviewed below, it’s where to get cases for CS2. Among them, you’ll find unique offers where you may change a case’s price to improve its contents, item-rarity-based boxes, and cases with only StatTrak skins. Now, let’s start!

Kilowatt Case 

Most Often Opened CS2 Cases

We start with a recently added case that has added the first Zeus skin to the game. Its name is Olympus. This skin places a beautiful picture of Zeus striking a lightning bolt in your shot’s direction. Thus, your electric canon will shoot with the assistance of an Olympic god. 

The next peculiar skin from Kilowatt is M4A1-S | Black Lotus, which takes us from Olympus Mountain into a gloomy lake. The skin’s main element is a dark lotus flower. It resides above the trigger, being surrounded by its stems weaving into the purple-toned darkness.

Stems keep weaving in the next, the most expensive Kilowatt item, AK-47 | Inheritance. Most of this skin is painted in white, with blue floral patterns and golden accents on top. The handle and mag are blue. They also have floral weavings but in a golden color. This AK-47 color scheme gives off a royal vibe, almost entitling you to be the king of a match. 

Now, to the rarest Kilowatt reward. It’s a Kukri Knife presented in 13 variations: Fade, Crimson Web, Vanilla, Case Hardened, Blue Steel, Stained, etc. Fade is the most expensive among these. At the time we’re writing this guide, its cost ranges from $900 to $1,000.

Dreams & Nightmares Case

This case justifies its name by offering AK-47 | Nightwish as its rarest gun skin. Its central element is a monster. According to comments of the skin’s designer, the monster is the spirit of a dead deer, whose condition you can guess by its decaying face. But thanks to the vivid blue and pink color, it doesn’t look scary at all. The circular ornaments in bright tones accompany the head’s style, giving Nightwish a very expressive look. 

The next peculiar skin from the Dreams & Nightmares collection is Dual Berettas | Melondrama. There’s nothing strange about this skin’s popularity during summer. Both berettas depict a mellow slice with a smiling face on it; it resides above a trigger.

The next skin has caused MP9 players to rejoice. Starlight Protector paints this popular farming semi-machine gun in white with golden accents. The skin’s main element is a unicorn. It disseminates a starlight energy and has hair in all rainbow colors.

Dreams & Nightmares Case contains one of the most expensive CS2 knives. It’s Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler Emerald for $16,500+. The other rare drops include a bowie knife, shadow daggers, a falchion knife, a huntsman knife, etc., in Autotronic, Black Laminate, Lore, and other skins.

Revolution Case 

Can you say that a case is for anime enjoyers if its most expensive item depicts an anime girl? It’s M4A4 | Temukau. Besides this painting, the skin is covered in altered white and blue colors with Japanese letters above.

Terrorists are also not left aside by the Revolution Case. They’ve received AK-47 | Head Shot skin that submerges you into an urbanistic aesthetic. It does it with graffiti. Gray letters of different sizes cover the entire AK, leaving only the muzzle untouched. Under the graffiti, there are green, blue, and yellow paints.

Last but not least is AWP | Duality. This skin covers an iconic sniper rifle in black. Above it, there is a peculiar merge of Japanese painting waves and snakes of black and red shades. There are also several ornaments. You’ll find them around a scope, at the buttstock, and at the beginning of the muzzle.

The rarest Revolution Case drop is gloves. They’re presented in sport, moto, hydra, specialist, driver, and hand wrap form factors. The rarest gloves are Sport Gloves | Vice. They are painted in a vintage combination of pink and neon blue and cost more than $4,000 in the rarest variation.

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